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approximately almost around about roughly nearlyのニュアンス. about,approximately,roughly,around,nearly,almostの意味と違い 高校,大学受験の英単語. Approximately and roughly both mean almost the same thing: showing that something is somewhat, but not completely, accurate.

However, approximately is more of a guess. The roughly 10,000 people in the stadium caught the flu.

数の概略に用いて「約~」「だいたい~」を表現する単語ですが、意味と使い分けによって、2つのグループに分かれま … Roughly 20 millions tourists come to Japan every year. The about 10,000 people in the stadium caught the flu. もう少しでその値に達しそうな状態のときに使う。類似表現には、just underがある。 nearly

毎年だいたい2000万人ほどの観光客が日本を訪れる broadly. 単語単位だけではなかなか比較も難しく、二つを比べてみて違いを見ていくほうがわかりやすいかもしれません。 almost. In each sentence he is giving me close to, but not exactly, 20 dollars.

roughlyとaboutの違いを教えてください。 いやいやいや教えてもらわないと分からないとか辞書で調べろやwwwwwwwwwwroughの意味が粗いって分かればroughlyなんて簡単だろwwaboutなんて~について、だいたい、なんだからさwww "He gave me roughly 20 dollars" vs "He gave me approximately 20 dollars".

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